This is definitely a unique housing experience in China. Spacious and comfortable gorgeous design, there are two rooms (including balcony 188 square meters), three rooms (including balcony 268 square meters) and four rooms (including balcony 353 square meters) to choose from. Each building has well-equipped accommodation facilities, first-class living room and top audio-visual equipment. The balcony outside the window is equipped with barbecue grill and physiotherapy bathtub. From the balcony overlooking the mountains, everything is so fascinating, intoxicating.


  • 阳台上有座椅
  • 可在室内或室外用餐
  • 顶级寝具
  • SPA淋浴,附全天然沐浴用品
  • 高速无线上网
  • 顶级影音设备
  • 32寸乐视电视
  • 可自行调节的中央空调系统
  • 亚洲/非洲风格的装潢
  • 每日清洁服务
  • 部分小屋有户外淋浴设备