Yulan Villa

       Through a lush Magnolia forest, into the cabin hidden in the woods, quiet and romantic. 54 to 64 square meters room with balcony, can let you experience the stars is flashing confidant mood, special soil made of wall, warm in winter and cool in summer. High grade shower, let you experience the pure baptism of nature. Come here and enjoy a vacation immersed in the forest.


  • 阳台上有座椅
  • 可在室内或室外用餐
  • 顶级寝具
  • SPA淋浴,附全天然沐浴用品
  • 高速无线上网
  • 顶级影音设备
  • 32寸乐视电视
  • 可自行调节的中央空调系统
  • 亚洲/非洲风格的装潢
  • 每日清洁服务
  • 部分小屋有户外淋浴设备